Santa’s newest reindeer have been born! What are their names?

Announcing… Santa’s newest reindeer!

Yes, that’s right!  This Christmas Eve is going to be extra special.  Clarice just had two healthy baby reindeer!  A boy and a girl!

Mommy and babies are doing fine.  Rudolph jumped right over my castle.  He was so happy!  I danced a little jig.  All the elves danced a little jig too!

Would you like to hear one of the little reindeer?

Santa’s newest reindeer sounds!

Clarice decided on a name for the little boy.  She wants to name her after a friend’s grandpa.  She said it was really, really hard to decide because you gave her so many wonderful names to think about and choose from!

Clarice really loved all the great names you gave her.  She said she chose the name only because the person was such a great friend.

Santa’s newest reindeer:  Names Please!

So, the little boy’s reindeer’s name will be… Barney!  It’s in honor of Barney Oldfield. Barney Oldfield was also the name of a famous race car driver a long time ago.  He was really fast!

She really hopes you like Baby Barney’s name.  And, she’s still trying to think of a fun nickname for the little guy.  So, let her know if you have one!

Rudolph thanks everyone for their help too!  He did not know what to name the little girl.  So, he took all the names that you sent him.  Then he told all of the other reindeer about them.  Then the reindeer voted to decide!  And the name everyone liked the most was…


What a great name for Santa’s newest reindeer!  I wonder if she will help guide my sleigh through snowstorms one day?!

I’m sorry I can’t take many photos of them.  It’s not good to take photos of baby reindeer (it hurts their eyes).

Maybe some nice children will leave out two baby carrots for the new baby reindeer.  I really think Rudolph would be excited about that.  It might help him too.  I think he might miss his little babies while he is out pulling my sleigh Christmas Eve.

Thank you for all your help!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you have any messages for Santa’s newest reindeer babies or for Rudolph and Clarice?  Maybe you can give us some ideas for nicknames for them?